• Todd Anderson Todd Anderson

    Mr. Anderson lives in the northern end of the district and works at his family's business, East Moline Glass. He has a daughter attending Matherville Intermediate and another daughter at Sherrard Elementary. He currently serves as a member of the Western Illinois Planning and Advisory Committee, the Illinois Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee and the YMCA Board of Directors.



    Jon Cabor Jon Cabor

    Mr. Cabor lives north of Preemption and is the Facilities Director for Jumer's Casino in Rock Island. He has 22 years of experience in various aspects of facility management. Mr. Cabor's eldest daughter is a graduate of Sherrard High School and his youngest daughter is in junior high. He has served as a member of his community's well association. His wife, Michelle, is a cook at the high school.



    Kim DeBlock Kim DeBlock

    Ms. DeBlock is one of the founders of Nourish to Flourish, a non-profit organization that helps to provide food to area children. She has served on the Mercer County Hospital Governing Board and volunteers for the Mercer Health Foundation.  She has a Bachelors in Agriculture from the University of Illinois.
    During the interview process, Ms. DeBlock noted that being a member of the board is a privilege and a responsibility to the staff, students & families of the Sherrard District.  She hopes to bring a sense of cohesiveness and positive energy to the Board focusing on what is best for the future of our students.


    Rhys Fullerlove Rhys Fullerlove

    Rhys Fullerlove resides outside of Sherrard with his wife Katie, daughter Ainsley and son Ryker.  Rhys is employed at the U.S. Army Sustainment Command on Rock Island Arsenal where he serves as the Director of Public Affairs.  In this position, he oversees all media relations, community engagements, and employee information functions for an Army command that has more than 30,000 soldiers, civilians, and contractors located in 32 states and 30 countries around the world.  Rhys graduated from Sherrard in 2000 where he was active in band, theater and cross country.  He holds a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations and Marketing from St. Ambrose University and a Master’s of Science in Communication degree from Purdue University.
    As a Sherrard alumni, he understands how a solid educational foundation earned at Sherrard can give students a leg up in the world. He feels it is the school board member's responsibility to seek opinions from their constituents, as it is a publically held office that comes with a sacred trust and responsibility. That means listening to parents, teachers, students, support staff, admins and other stakeholders to ensure that all the facts are understood before making a key decision.


    Dan Helm Dan Helm

    Board member Dan Helm is very familiar with Sherrard School District.  Three of his children have graduated from Sherrard High School and a fourth is currently a student at the high school.  This is the second time Mr. Helm has served as a Board member.  He works in the water treatment industry and lives in Sherrard.  Regarding the legacy he would like to leave behind, Mr. Helm stated that years from now, he would like to see the district thriving and be able to think he had some part in it.



    Sue Lyons Sue Lyon

    Susan Lyon currently resides in Milan, Illinois with her husband, Matt, and daughter, Navi.  Susan is a teacher at Ridgewood Elementary School in Rock Island, IL.  She has a Bachelors Degree in Education from Western Illinois University and a Master’s in Reading from WIU.  She believes in giving our students the best education they can get.
    She will do her best to focus on ways to achieve goals without over spending our hard earned tax money.  Sue believes that it takes a town to build a child and all children can learn with the help and input from everyone; teachers, parents, administration, staff, and community.  Stay positive, stay focused, and keep moving forward.


    Troy Wolford Troy Wolford

    Troy Wolford lives south of Preemption with his wife Teona and their two children, Brandon and Macy. Troy served over twenty years in the Illinois Army National Guard. Troy retired in 2006 after returning home from a tour in the Middle East. An Accountant by trade, Troy received his bachelor’s degree from Monmouth College and is currently working as the Controller of Jumer’s Casino & Hotel.  Troy believes the first and foremost role of a Board member is to look out for the students to ensure they get the best education for the tax dollars spent. Mr. Wolford also believes the Board is a critical link between the community and the school district and should incorporate the community’s view of what students should know and be able to do.