• Sherrard sends messages of hope to seniors

  • In the midst of uncertainty – high school seniors are concerned. A time meant to be relished and full of fond memories came to a screeching halt with the news of the Coronavirus pandemic - subsequent school shut down.

    For seniors, it feels like an abrupt ending.

    “We were on the homestretch of senior year and the fun activities were just getting started. I never got the chance to miss it before it was even over,” said Sherrard senior Christine Mack.

    “I am trying my best to stay healthy by staying at home, but it's been hard emotionally. I miss my friends, teachers, classmates, and family like crazy. I've just been trying to keep myself busy with school work, Netflix, and of course, staying in touch with my friends.”

    Senior Lauren McMillin said echoes Mack’s concerns, “I’m worried I’ll never step into the high school again and walk the halls with my friends again. It’s sad to think about so I’m trying to keep a positive mind about this situation!

    Another senior said she’s coping by keeping a routine, “I make sure to get some sort of physical activity every day and get my school work done. My teachers are doing a good job of giving us the content we need in order to continue learning but also understand that this a weird time for all of us,” Katelin Hatlestad said.

    Teachers, staff and parents photographed themselves with messages - signs of hope and encouragement to seniors. Some gave advice, like, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest, - Ben Franklin… Use this time to invest in yourselves - me (Ag teacher John Rasty).”

    English teacher Tammy Crippen and Academic and AP Coordinator, Julie Drish put together the montage video of photos gathered from Sherrard teachers, staff and parents.

    “The Sherrard community is like a family - we just wanted to let the seniors know we are thinking about them through this tough time,” said Drish.

Christine Mack
Lauren McMillin
Katelin Hatlestad
  • Crippen had the idea from a training with the district’s Instructional Tech Specialist, Steve Miller - about using Adobe Spark in the classroom.

    “I knew my seniors were having a tough time after our google meetings. I decided to see if I could get the staff to share the same type of message. I also decided to ask my senior's parents because they have always helped me out this year,” said Crippen.

    The sentiment was received well – seniors’ reactions

    “The slideshow video Mrs. Crippen sent us was absolutely amazing. It feels so good to know that us seniors have such a big support team to rely on. It's funny that such a small community can feel so big in times like these,” said Mack.

    Hatlestad said she, “definitely shed a few tears,” when she saw it. “I am so appreciative of Mrs. Crippen and all of the other kind hearts that participated in this slideshow! It really did make my whole week. I have so much love in my heart for a lot of those people in that video so it meant a lot.”

    McMillin said the montage made her feel loved. “These teachers have been in my life for many years and seeing their faces was awesome and just the kind words warmed my heart. Our class is really close so seeing the moms and dads that took pictures, I look at them as family as well.”The video montage opens with the message, “This is a tough time and we are thinking about ALL of you.” The song aptly chosen is ‘Fight Song,’ by Rachel Platten.

    Among the messages included:

    “Stop living in fear… push yourself to do the things you never thought you could”.
    “You were born an original, don’t die a copy”.
    One reads simply, “Perseverance”.
    A sign in front of a cat reads, “When you focus on the good, the good gets better”.
    “Stop living in fear… push yourself to do the things you never thought you could”.
    “We are in this together and we will get through it together… I believe in your resilience to overcome this!”
    “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice”.
    “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”.
    “It always seems impossible until it’s done”.

    As a way of showing that life continues, math teacher Ryan Buchanan is pictured holding a sonogram announcing he and his wife's pregnancy. A photo next to it is a sign held by school nurse Sanya Boucher that reads, “When opportunity knocks… answer the door”.

    It ends with, “We Believe,” and the words “Write your own ending”.

    “I can't imagine having this unknown during my senior year. They are resilient and strong. Our future is safe with them,” said Crippen.

    While the montage was created to encourage graduating seniors, we can all use these words of wisdom, encouragement and fun during these trying times. As Jr. high P.E. teacher Paula Zigler and family put it, "Something will grow from all you’re going through… and it will be you.”