Superintendent Updates

  • Occasionally, it is necessary for the Superintendent to contact all staff members and the parent or guardians of all students in the Sherrard School District. The most recent phone calls will be available here along with a revised text of information provided in the phone call.

October 5,2021

  • Hello, Sherrard Families. I wanted to call to remind you of a few things.
    First, there will be an early dismissal tomorrow and Thursday because of parent-teacher conferences.  The elementary schools will be released at 2:00 and the junior/senior high schools will be dismissed at 1:00.  There will be no afternoon preschool on those days and there will be no activity buses.
    Elementary conferences will be held from 3:10 to 7:30 and the junior/senior high conferences will be held from 2:10 to 6:30. Contact your child’s teachers if you need more information about meeting with them.
    Because the conferences extend into the evening on both days, there will be no school this Friday.
    Our annual fall break will take place all of next week. 
    Regarding employment, the district has openings for paraprofessionals, supervisors, counselors, and bus drivers.  You can find more information in the employment section of the district website.
    Finally, I am happy to report that our boys golf team has qualified to go to state!  This is an amazing accomplishment!  Congratulations, Coach Williams and the team!


Sept 21, 2021

  • Tomorrow is an early release day. The Pre-K through 6th grade students will be dismissed at 2:00 and the 7th through 12th grade students will be dismissed an hour earlier at 1:00.  There will be no activity bus and there will be no afternoon preschool.
    Please make sure your child has a water bottle at school.  There are at least two water bottle filling stations in each school.  During the pandemic, students are not allowed to use the personal water fountains, just the bottle filling stations.
    If your children are excluded from school because of close contact, please monitor them for COVID -19 symptoms and notify the school if any are detected. 
    Finally, this is homecoming week!  There are many fun activities scheduled throughout the week including a homecoming parade in the village of Sherrard Thursday night.  The parade will begin at 6:15.


Sept 7, 2021

  • Tomorrow is a regularly scheduled Wednesday early-out.  The JH and SH students will be dismissed at 1:00 and the elementary students will be dismissed at 2:00.  There will be no afternoon preschool and there will be no activity buses.
    Next, because of the increased number of COVID cases, the Illinois Department of Public Health has announced that it is increasing the number of non-participation days from 10 to 14 for students in athletics.  This new guidance highlights the need for students to wear masks properly and to become vaccinated. 
    Like many districts, we are in great need of bus drivers.  In addition to our driver subs, we are currently having to use other employees who have driver certification including retired drivers, two mechanics, a school nurse, and a math teacher.  If you know of anyone who is interested in becoming a substitute or regular driver, have them contact the unit office.
    Because of the driver shortage, we are making preparations for canceling individual bus routes when we cannot find a substitute.  This is a last resort measure, of course, but is a very real possibility.  Please be prepared by making alternative arrangements to transport your child to and from school if a route must be canceled. 
    Finally, I would like to end on a positive note.  Our varsity football game on Saturday begins at 1:00.  About 15 minutes before the game starts, there will be special recognition for those who have served in our military and those who are first responders.  We all need some positive energy right now, so bring your family and enjoy the afternoon.  


August 31, 2021

  • First, the district is looking to hire someone temporarily to help test individuals who have COVID symptoms and are a part of the test-to-stay quarantine procedure. The pay will be $16/hr for 7 hours each school day.  Fill out an online application if interested.  No medical background is needed.  Training and PPE will be provided.
    We are in great need of bus drivers.  Please help us out by notifying family and friends.  The pay is now $19/hr with a dollar an hour raise in each of the next two years.  Interested applicants can start right away as a paid bus monitor.  This would be a great job for an at-home parent, a farmer a retired person, a college student who is 21 or older, or someone who needs flexible work hours.  Call the unit office if interested.
    The deadline for immunizations and physicals is October 15. Physicals are required at Kindergarten, 6th grade, and 9th grade. Verification of a meningococcal vaccine on or after the 16th birthday is also required for all students in the 12th grade. According to state regulations, students cannot attend school after October 15th if they are not up-to-date with these requirements.
    Regarding COVID-19, the school district and health department cannot accept or use the results of rapid tests that were administered at home.  Those tests are useful to the family, but they cannot be acknowledged by the school.
    Please reinforce the proper wearing of masks with your child.  Most close contacts at school do not have to be quarantined if the students are wearing their masks properly.  This has been a common problem this year so far.
    The high school is continuing MAP testing tomorrow for all 9th through 11th grade students during seventh and eighth periods.  Seniors may leave after sixth period.  Students at the Area Career Center will follow their normal schedule.
    This announcement will be posted to the district website and Facebook.  Thank you and have a nice evening.


August 17,2021

  • Good evening, this is Alan Boucher with a number of announcements for the Sherrard School District Families.
    Each year, we have two early release days during the New Windsor Rodeo and this year is no exception.  The early dismissals will be this Thursday and Friday with the junior/senior high students being dismissed at 1:00 and the elementary schools being dismissed at 2:00.  There will be no afternoon preschool on those days.
    Since Friday, we have had 10 students test positive with the COVID-19 virus.  You can track the number of positive cases by visiting the district website and clicking on the Community tab.
    If your child has one or more COVID-19 symptoms, please do not send them to school to be tested.  Have them tested at the health department, a local pharmacy or a medical facility.  Sending children to school with symptoms could cause the virus to spread.
    As a way to minimize the number of students on the bus, we invite parents to transport their children to and from school each day.  This will allow more social distance for the other students on the bus.
    The Illinois Department of Public Health allows close contacts to stay at school if the close contact and the infected student are properly wearing their masks and the close contact is symptom-free.
    A couple of our indoor sports teams will be starting their completion seasons soon.  While there are no restrictions on the number of fans that can attend indoor events, all attendees must wear a mask at all times.