Superintendent Updates

  • Occasionally, it is necessary for the Superintendent to contact all staff members and the parent or guardians of all students in the Sherrard School District. The most recent phone calls will be available here along with a revised text of information provided in the phone call.

January 19, 2021

  • Hello, this is Alan Boucher here with a couple of messages. Last week, our region went from tier 3 to tier 1, which means we can start having some aspects of athletics. Students must have their annual sports physicals and the must also have a parent permission form in order to participate. Eighth graders are encouraged to get a school physical instead of a basic sport physical because they will need a school physical when entering ninth grade. Families health insurance might only pay for one of them. Permission forms can be picked up in the school office. Last Fall, Spring and Summer sports schedules were established by the IHSA. Some of those schedules will probably be changed somewhat, so be on the lookout for upcoming announcements. Some teams might begin practice as early as next Monday. The staff will receive COVID vaccines this Friday so there will be no remote or in person school that day. If you would like your child to receive a lunch and or breakfast for Friday, please notify your child's school by noon tomorrow which is Wednesday. Finally, the activity bus will start up again this upcoming Monday. Have a nice evening.


January 15, 2021

  • This is Alan Boucher, Superintendent with a quick message about school next week. There will be no school on Monday, January 18th because of the Martin Luther King holiday. There will be no school next Friday, January 22nd because the staff will be receiving the COVID vaccine during the day. The vaccine will strenghen our efforts toward protecting the students and staff from virus transmission. Once again, there will be no school this coming Monday and Friday. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend. Goodbye.


December 1, 2020

  • Good evening, this is Superintendent Alan Boucher with a few reminders and notices.  Thursday is a remote learning day for students, so they will participate in their educational program at home.  The staff will keep track of how things go and make adjustments for future remote learning situations.
    Next, students who are quarantined or test positive for the COVID virus must be cleared by the local health department in order to return to school.  Please cooperate with the health department to make sure everything is in order when it is time to return to school. 
    There is an 8-hour custodial vacancy at the junior/senior high.  It is a nine-month day position with health insurance and a pension.  The starting pay is $12.35 an hour.  We also have two midday part-time supervisor vacancies at Winola and Matherville.  As always, we could use more bus drivers and substitutes for the teachers and support staff.  You can apply for these positions on the district website.  Contact the unit office if you would like to be a sub.
    Now for some rapid-fire announcements.

    MAP testing will take place in the near future, so verify your child has a set of earbuds.
    Please note there will be no live elementary Christmas concerts this year.
    Cold weather is here, so make sure your child brings a hat, gloves and coat to school.  Reach out to the school if you have needs in this area.

    Finally, notify the school by December 11th if you plan on sending your permanent remote student to school for in-person learning during the 3rd quarter.
    Stay safe and healthy this holiday season.  Good bye.