Volunteer Requirements

  • Beginning with the Class of 2025, The Sherrard Board of Education implemented a ten (10) hour volunteer service graduation requirement.  This means that within a student's four years at Sherrard High School he or she must complete 10 hours of volunteer work. The rationale for incorporating volunteerism as a graduation requirement includes the following reasons:


    1. Increase self-esteem - Acts of philanthropy can lead to a greater feeling of self-worth because helping others is fun and can help a teen reflect on what they have and enhance their sense of purpose.


    1. Gain more empathy - Volunteering helps teens see that not everyone’s life is like theirs. Helping people who have different life circumstances can help teens become more empathetic to everyone in their lives.


    1. Become a Stronger College applicant - Having volunteer experience can be a great addition to a teen’s college application or resume. Colleges often look for well-rounded applicants and employers are more likely to hire people who are volunteers.  Volunteering helps and can be a key factor to securing a college scholarship. Many organizations offer scholarship funding to students who demonstrate community involvement and leadership skills. The scholarship awards are meant to appreciate and encourage students to give back to their community helping to make it a better place. The more hours you commit to volunteering, the higher your chances are of getting the award.  


    1. Build long-term generosity - Getting involved in philanthropic causes early in life can set up a teen for a life of generosity. People who volunteer when they are young are more likely to volunteer and donate to nonprofits and causes when they are older.


    1. Earn better grades - Volunteering can also help teens academically. There is a positive correlation between students who earn good grades and those who are involved in community service. Volunteering helps teens gain new skills necessary for the job market such as leadership, communication skills, dependability, time management, and decision making.


    What can students do to earn volunteer hours? 

    There are many ways and places a student can earn volunteer hours, including, but not limited to: 

    *Animal shelter *Church *Recycling center  *Coach a youth team

    *Assisting elderly (raking leaves, cutting grass, walking dogs, giving technical assistance, bring meals, etc.)

    *Pick up trash in community  *Public library *Bake or cook items for food pantries  *Give music lessons

    *Build/make scarves, quilts, birdhouses to donate  *Write cards for soldiers or kids in shelters

    *Help at elementary schools *Assist a teacher    *Serve/make meals at holidays for needy families


  • The Volunteer Service Log can be found HERE.

    * A list of organizations in the area that accept student volunteers can be found in the Counseling Office.

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