Dual Credit

  • Seniors are eligible to take dual credit classes offered through Black Hawk College. Sherrard offers a variety of classes, including English 101. English 102. Speech 101. Psychology 101, PE 125, Welding 101, and Welding 120.

    Junior offerings are based on professor availability. The junior program must have a minimum of 25 students to run. 

    Dual Credit Presentation

    Dual Credit Expectations

    *Note: Current Black Hawk tuition is $164 per credit hour for classes taught by a Black Hawk professor, and $30 per credit hour for classes taught by a Sherrard teacher. 

Reimbursement Policy

  • Students enrolled in dual credit classes are eligible for reimbursement for half of the price of each class (up to 4 classes). As of right now, each credit at Black Hawk is $164. All of the dual credit classes we offer at school are worth 3 credits, totaling $492. If a student finishes the class with a C or better, the district will reimburse half of the total price. 


  • To be eligible for dual credit, students must meet certain requirements on the SAT exam, or the Accuplacer college placement test. Please contact Academic/Counseling office for more information. 

Online classes

  • Seniors have the opportunity to take online classes through Black Hawk College. These classes are no longer eligible for tuition reimbursement. Tuition will be the full responsbility of the student. All registration for courses will still go through the high school counselor.

    Students can search for online classes on the Black Hawk website. Follow this link. A list of online classes can be found on one of the last pages. They are also labeled with a computer mouse throughout the guide. Full semester courses are available, as well as, half semester or 8-week courses.

  • How do I decide if dual credit is right for me?

    Check the general education requirements at the schools you are interested in.
    For example, click here to find more information about the General Education requirements at Northern Illinois University.

    Use Transferology to see how your credits will transfer and what you need to meet the general education requirements.
    For example, transferology tells us that a student transferring to the University of Iowa needs three courses to satisfy the general education requirement of Rhetoric 1001. These include English 101, English 102, and a speech component. A student could take the dual credit classes in class and Speech 101 online for a total of $670.50 plus the cost of books.