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Sherrard Junior & Senior High Courtyard Update

The courtyard at the Junior/Senior high continues to improve and thrive.  The courtyard is an excellent educational tool for the teachers and students.  It also provides a comfortable and enjoyable classroom setting.

Three plant environment areas have been established including a pollinator garden, a woodland plant garden and a prairie plant garden.  Garden Workers The COVID crisis has limited student participation with the hands-on management of the courtyard, but retired Sherrard teacher and administrator James Kovac, along with four of his family members and three of his close friends, have graciously taken care of the needed work. 

For the third consecutive year, the district has received grant money from the Illinois Schoolyard Habitat Action Grant Program.  Cumulatively, we have received nearly $3,000.  The grant is supported by the generosity of the Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Foundation, the Jadel Youth Fund and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

This fall, the narrow courtyard entrance door was replaced with double doors to accommodate the transfer of larger equipment and supplies.  Plans are being developed to install a paved pathway and a central patio area when funds are secured.


 Garden 1 Garden 2  
 Garden 3 Garden 4