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10th Annual BJ Luxmore Memorial Blood Drive - 117 Lives Saved

“B.J. gave the ultimate sacrifice and this is just one small way that we can continue to honor his memory,” said special education teacher and All-School Senate sponsor, Vanessa Schulenberg. 

Brenda Luxmore


Luxmore’s mom, Brenda, was in attendance. “It’s amazing the lives that have been saved just with this blood drive in his honor.


Sherrard school district has done so much to keep B.J.’s memory alive and we’re so grateful. He’s a part of the school still and we’re very proud of that. They continue him in everything they do. We’re very grateful,” said Luxmore.


“We had over 40 donors show up and we were able to collect 39 units, which translates to 117 lives saved! Overall, we were really happy with our turnout and hope to see the number of lives saved continue to increase over the years.” Twenty-two of the 39 units collected were first time donors.


Every year the All-School Senate organizes the drive in memory of CPL Bryant J. (B.J.) Luxmore, a 2005 Sherrard graduate killed in action in Afghanistan June 10, 2012. 


“We love having his parents come out to the drive and how Mrs. Bischoff continues to make goodies for the drive,” said Schulenberg.





All-School Senate students who helped put on the blood drive are:  

Hailie Shemek 
Lauren Copeland 
Kyla Elsbury 
Parker Hann
Ava Hartman 
Lilly Russell 
MaKenna Cameron 
Kaitlynn DeBlock 
Jenna Copeland 
Beth Churchill 
Zoey Rains 
Payton Zerull 
Ryan Butz 
Ava Egel 
Aliza Dominique 
Saidie Shemek 



Cala Smoldt, Communications Coordinator