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New at Sherrard: Student-Led Parent-Teacher Conferences

Student-Led Conferences are coming up Oct. 4-5. This is a new format for parent/teacher conferences that will help students take ownership of their progress and develop goal setting practices to prepare them for a lifetime of success.

Superintendent Dr. Carl Johnson explained the rationale, “At Sherrard schools we have the resources to help students succeed. But it’s not enough. When they take the reins of their own educational journey, they learn valuable life skills. 

Improved communication is a goal that we all share. By including students in this process, increased ownership and responsibility is the result. Statistically, these are two of the most powerful tools for student achievement. Each age group is going to look a little different, but the focus is on the student leading the conference to the best of their abilities at their age level!

This structure allows our staff to work to their strengths of empathy, caring, and dedication to the students.

With the combined oversight and accountability through parent and teacher collaboration, this is an opportunity to teach kids to be proactive. Sherrard students who embrace this tactic will be ‘head and shoulders’ above the rest and set up for success.”

How it works: 

Students, elementary level through high school, will review each subject and self-evaluate with the help of their teachers - and then, during parent/teacher conferences, they show parents/caregivers their successes and the places where they will make a plan to take corrective action. 

During conference:

  • Student will introduce parent/guardian and teacher.
  • Student will discuss items in the portfolio (why the item was selected, how it relates to the unit, and the student’s understanding of the grade they received).
  • Student will discuss the current grade in the class, any missing assignments, and any other pertinent information.
  • Once all classes have been discussed, student will state two to three goals they have for the remainder of the semester on the provided goal sheet.


  • Conferences are up to 15 minutes in length.
  • Teachers will email parents/guardians on their conference list of students to schedule a meeting time.


Following conferences, teachers will follow up with parents and answer any questions posed during conferences. 


Cala Elliott, Director of Public Relations