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Author Gary Metivier Captivates Matherville Students in Engaging Assembly

Local author and retired KWQC reporter Gary Metivier visited Matherville Intermediate earlier this year, invited by student Harrison Zerull for a book report presentation on Metivier’s book, "My Mask. My War: A WWII Memoir."
During an assembly, Zerull interviewed Metivier about the book's stories, asking about the two-year process of compiling the content and portraying Norma Thoeming’s experiences as a little girl during World War II in England, authentically.
Zerull and Metivier
During the assembly, student Harrison Zerull interviews author Gary Metivier, asking
insightful questions about his book and storytelling journey.
Metivier shared his journey and passion for storytelling with the 5th and 6th graders, including a story about his 8th grade teacher describing him as ‘shy’ to his parents.
“She told them that if I don’t come out of my shell someday I’m going to have a really hard time in life. What I realized is I could become a news guy and share stories of other people - hopefully inspire others to do something special in their lives.”
Zerull said he was nervous, at first, to be in front of everyone, but realized he enjoyed it. “I’d do it in a heartbeat, it’s fun.”
Students in the audience asked questions about his experiences, from meeting President Obama at the White House during an exclusive interview to the additional content about Norma that wasn’t included in the book.
After the highly engaging assembly, students eagerly lined up for a picture with Metivier and a chance to shake his hand.
Gary’s work can be found at,
Facebook page: @TheheartofthestorywithGaryMetivier




Gary Metivier Visits Matherville
Gary Metivier Visits Matherville

Author Gary Metivier speaks to an attentive audience of Matherville Intermediate students, sharing insights from his book and personal stories during a lively assembly.

Cala Elliott, Director of Public Relations