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A tasty project: third graders design donuts


Kyla's Gingerbread Splash
Mrs. Engwall's student Kyla designed Gingerbread Splash
A persuasive writing project had a tasty outcome for third graders at Winola Elementary last week. They had no idea they were designing a donut they would actually get to eat, thanks to Hurts Donut Co. - Quad Cities.
Teacher Stephanie Hampton said she saw the idea on social media, and ran it by the other third grade teacher, Lisabeth Engwall. Winola Reading Specialist, Cheryl Strandberg was also in on the fun, “We researched it, Lis contacted Hurts (Donut Co.) - it was a total group effort,” said Hampton.
The assignment was for students to design their own unique donut and write a persuasive paper about why their donut would fly off the shelves.
Strandberg listed some of the reasons students gave for their doughnut design, “Unique; going to be popular, and the place would make a lot of money... People (will be) lined up out the door to purchase their donut.” Some even said a specific celebrity would eat their doughnut to bring attention to the brand, Strandberg laughed.
Once the student’s designs were complete, the teachers emailed the images to Hurts Donut Co. owner Kyle Howard, “Who has been amazing,” said Hampton.
Hurst Donuts
Mrs. Engwall picked up the donuts.
He agreed to bring the masterpieces to life... at no cost. “We are so excited to see the kids' reactions,” said Hampton prior to the reveal.
The kids cheered - both when they first received their donuts, and then again when they heard they would be writing ‘thank you’ cards for Hurts Donuts Co.
Hampton said it’s been difficult this school year with certain safety protocols in place because of COVID-19, “no group activities, or typical parties, anything like that.” She said it was a good way to, “Sprinkle a little bit of fun.”
She said they followed specific safety measures for the students to properly receive the donuts… they were professionally made and not eaten at the school. Students were able to see their creation enclosed in a food container. They were placed inside a gallon sized bag with their original drawing to transport home. This way, the kids were able to show their parents.
“It was one of those assignments we never really had to convince anybody to finish, they were all so excited to do it. We never had to convince anybody you need to keep working on it,” said Strandberg.
Donut Design Edited Donut Papers Kyla receives donut