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Student pick - Dora Slothower Junior HIgh math teacher

Dora Slothower


Her passion for helping kids - and her sense of humor make JH math teacher Dora Slothower a stand-out among students.

Students say when they have a difficult time understanding math concepts - they go to Mrs. Slothower - who teaches both 7th and 8th grade math at the Junior High.
“When I’m struggling, she explains it more - in a way I understand better,” said JH student Josie.
“Teachers are the most important job, she’s a great teacher,” according to JH student Quinton. JH student Clayton said, “She deserves a raise!”
When asked why she’s so well-loved by students, joking, Mrs. Slothower said, “I think it’s because I’m down with the 411 - and I’m ALWAYS on-fleek.”
“The kids are so much fun. They’re funny, you never know what’s going to happen in class. I really like helping kids learn how to do math - I struggled,” said Slothower.
“I remember going home crying with my dad - because I didn’t understand it. Then my dad and I would get into a fight. I understand that when it comes to kids - I try my best to explain it to them in different ways. Everybody learns differently.”
“The thing I like about Sherrard is everybody always has everybody’s back - it’s a very small community.
Everybody gets together around things. I like having students - then their siblings, or cousins… you kind of already know the families. I like the small town,” she said.
Cala Smoldt, Communications Coordinator