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Congratulations 2021 Retirees

Congratulations to the following staff members who are officially retiring at the end of this year. Thank you for the investment of your time, energy, and talents. Our district is better because of you. It is sad to see you go, but we are happy for the new chapter in your lives. Take care of yourselves and remember that you will always be a Sherrard Tiger. Best wishes for a prosperous and healthy retirement. - Alan Boucher, Superintendent

The following are recognized in alphabetical order:


Rebecca Anderson
Rebecca Anderson

Rebecca Anderson, Junior High Challenge Teacher
- Comments by Junior High Principal Rick Basala and Colleague Math Teacher Kathy Felt

Rebecca is constantly looking for ways for the students, teachers, and herself to improve. As a member of the Building Leadership Team, she shared pertinent information she has gathered with the staff. Rebecca taught both math and English at the Jr. High… which are evaluated on the Illinois Assessment of Readiness and Map testing. She always pushed her students to the next level and she usually scored excellent on MAP and IAR growth improvement. Rebecca set high standards and was essential in helping Sherrard Jr. High attain “Exemplary” status on the Illinois School Report Card. She has been an integral part of core classes and she will be missed in the JH Advanced English and Math courses. Rebecca’s music in her room and down ‘J’ hallway will also be missed. Good luck in retirement. 
-- JH Principal Rick Basala

Rebecca Anderson is my friend! Our children went to school together here, so we’ve shared proud parent moments, and have also worked together on countless committees, action teams, presentations, and curriculum. She taught my kids, and countless others, and helped them become better versions of themselves. She challenged them and made them THINK--and think BIG! Our district is better for having had Rebecca Anderson in our children’s lives! She cares about kids, about teaching and learning, about growing our schools and programs into the best they can be, and about making our community a better place.

Professionally, Rebecca’s been a visionary. She’s challenged others through the years to consider various options and to think outside the box--and our students have benefitted! She’s been a tireless supporter of our district’s gifted program because all kids are entitled to the best and most appropriate education. She’s brought our children’s world into the classroom and shown our students how to make it a better place. Rebecca, you will be missed, but know that you made quite an impact here! Thank you for being a tireless advocate, a helpful and spirited coworker, and a great friend! Now, rest, relax, and take time for yourself! You’ve earned it!
-- JH Math Teacher Kathy Felt


Linda Bleuer
Linda Bleuer

Linda Bleuer, Asst. Cook
- Comments by High School Assistant Principal Matt Newquist and Head Cook Norma Galvin

Linda Bleur has been an integral part of the high school/junior high cafeteria staff for 18 years. During her time on staff, Linda has come to work with a positive attitude that radiates throughout the kitchen and building. Interactions with Linda always left others feeling happy. “Linda is funny and friendly. She’s fun to work with and always helpful,” a co-worker commented. 

Linda and the rest of the cafeteria staff did a wonderful job adjusting the way they do things to meet the needs of our students during the 2020-2021 school year. In a trying year, Linda continued a standard of excellence she has displayed throughout her career at Sherrard. 

A quick story about Linda from Norma Galvin…. “Linda tends to leave things in the wrong spot. We are constantly telling her that she has abandoned her cart in a crazy place. After years of doing this, she just tells us to deal with it, lol. We all deal with it and sometimes we tell her, and sometimes we don’t.” 
--HS Assistant Principal Matt Newquist


Kathy Felt
Kathy Felt

Kathy Felt, Junior High Math Teacher
- Comments by JH Principal Rick Basala and fellow teacher Rebecca Anderson

Kathy is ALL Math…

Kathy has Math leadership experience in many positions, committees, and organizations.

She is National Board Certified, Illinois educator leader CADRE leader, and a Western Illinois University adjunct professor (and others too numerous to list). She’s created Webinars in Math for ISBE and ICTM. At Sherrard, for the past 5 years, she has been an essential member of the  Building Leadership Team. Kathy is compassionate with staff and students. She takes time for students early in the morning or late at night. Even when the students have moved on to the HS… many HS students come back to chat or to receive help in HS Math.

Kathy is also the coach on the JH Scholastic team.  Her math and leadership experience will be missed at Sherrard Jr. High. Good luck in retirement.
--JH Principal Rick Basala

“Does Not Say No”

Kathy always wanted to be a teacher, but was told by her high school counselor that she would be “wasting her talents”on education...but she didn’t let her dream end there. Once her 3 future Sherrard (valedictorian) graduates were all in school, she subbed in the district for several years, and then taught math for 18 years. Colleagues often joked that others saw her “neon sign” that advertised the fact she would do just about anything that was asked of her! When WIU came calling, she willingly taught future teachers math methods. When the State of Illinois came calling, she willingly worked with PARCC to help other teachers better understand the Common Core State Standards and how the new tests could even help improve instruction! 

She willingly delivered PD to and assisted colleagues here and throughout the area, state, and country. Her passion, though, was always the classroom--and helping her students learn and appreciate math. Her favorite quote for this time in her life is “How lucky I am to have had something that makes saying goodbye so hard!”--Winnie the Pooh

Kathy’s future plans are to spend many hours with her soon-to-be-born granddaughter and to enjoy life at (maybe) a slightly slower pace! She’ll be doing something in education, that’s for sure! 
--JH Challenge Teacher Rebecca Anderson


Norma Galvin
Norma Galvin

Norma Galvin, Head Cook
- Comments by Activities Director Michael Applegate and Principal Tim Wernentin

The high school and junior high has been lucky to have Norma Galvin in charge of the lunch staff. She is always ready and willing to help whenever someone needs it. Her staff enjoyed their friendship and comradery as much as I enjoyed the chocolate chip cookies she baked.

When a change in a schedule would be sent out, it would be one minute before Norma showed up at my door “does this mean lunch times will be different?” Dependable and organized to make sure all things ran smoothly. Norma was always the first one in and usually the last one out and for all of this- especially the chocolate chip cookies- she will be missed. Thanks and good luck!
--Activities Director Mike Applegate

Norma has been a pleasure to work with in my five years here at Sherrard. Anytime we have needed the kitchen's services for student or staff events, She and her staff have come through for us. On a daily basis, Norma greets our students warmly and is another positive adult for all kids. While it goes without saying, Norma will be missed..... it is worth specifically mentioning that Norma will be REALLY missed. No one is more deserving of a happy retirement than Norma and her other retiring "kitchen colleagues." Thank you all for being part of the BEST kitchen staff around!!
--HS Principal Tim Wernentin


Deb Krohn
Deb Krohn

Deb Krohn, Sherrard Elementary Kindergarten Teacher
- Comments by Sherrard Elementary Principal Casey Wyant and colleague Kindergarten Teacher Stephanie Bohnert

Mrs. Krohn was the first person I sought out when beginning my career as Principal at Sherrard Elementary. Her reputation preceded her and I was anxious to meet the person behind the name. No surprises, Mrs. Krohn lived up to the hype and beyond. :)

As a person, she is strong-willed, forthright, and holds true to the values and beliefs to which she has committed her life. She is compassionate towards students and staff and is always the first to step up to right a perceived wrong or guide towards a positive solution.

As an educator, she embodies the knowledge, insight, and goal-oriented mindset we all aspire to reach. Her sound wisdom and personal judgement, gleaned from years of experiences and collaboration, are beyond expansive and have been shared with colleagues throughout the years, impacting generations of students.

Although Mrs. Krohn’s retirement leaves behind unfillable shoes, the impact she has made will continue to be felt for many years to come. We thank you for your service and wish you a very satisfying and well-deserved retirement!
--SG Principal Casey Wyant

Deb has touched the lives of many students and families throughout her career. I have been fortunate to have worked with her for the past 14 years. Right from the start, it was evident to me that she had a passion for teaching young children and the ability to create an environment that instilled a love of learning for children. 

She has tirelessly devoted each day to helping students reach their highest potential.  Over the years she has inspired and taught me so many things about teaching, advocating for young children, and life in general. Her wisdom and knowledge have inspired many educators and families throughout our district. She will be greatly missed by all. Deb, you deserve nothing but happiness and relaxation in your retirement. Lots of love to you.
--SG Kindergarten Teacher Stephanie Bohnert



Clara Miller
    Clara Miller

Clara Miller, Asst. Cook
- Comments by High School Assistant Principal Matt Newquist and Head Cook Norma Galvin

Clara Miller has served in her role as a member of the high school/junior high cafeteria staff for 7 years. Throughout her career, Clara has brought positive energy and a strong work ethic to school on a daily basis. When asked to comment on Clara, her colleagues stated, “Clara always keeps us on the straight and narrow! She always lends a helping hand.”

The 2020-2021 school year challenged Clara and the rest of the cafeteria staff. The group was able to adapt and adjust the way they do things to still perform at a high level. 

A quick funny story about Clara from Norma Galvin…. “One of the funniest things Clara ever did was get on Mr. Wernentin for not using the correct sink to wash his hands. He never made that mistake again, lol. Clara is very hard on the outside, but soft and mushy on the inside.”
--HS Asst. Principal Matt Newquist


Dana Miller
Dana Miller

Dana Miller, Custodian
- Comments by High School Principal Tim Wernentin and Colleague Maintenance Russell Jenkins

Dana has worked in Sherrard for 18 years and I can say it would be difficult to find a friendlier custodian. He has the innate ability to strike up a conversation with anyone and after a few minutes you feel like you have been lifetime friends. Students and staff know Dana will assist with anything that comes up in the world of cleaning, animal removal, and he is clearly the finest rodent hunter in the area :). 

While it is always entertaining to hear how long it takes him to respond on the radio ("Dana, do you copy?"  Pause.  Pause. Pause. Pause.  He always comes through with an enthusiastic, "......Yea?"). In all sincerity, I truly have enjoyed working with Dana, hearing his stories and expert advice on many things, and his ease of conversation. He always completes any task given to him correctly, accurately, and completely. Countless students can thank Dana  for unsticking their locker, helping find lost items, or unlocking a door. Dana will be missed by not only our students, but by anyone with whom he has worked. Thank you Dana!!  Best of luck to you on your retirement!
--HS Principal Tim Wernentin

It has been a pleasure working with Dana all these years at the high school. He is reliable and seldom misses work. He is always ready with conversation on whatever the topic of the day is. While we didn’t always agree on certain things, it was always entertaining having discussions with him. Dana is a nice person and helps out whenever asked. He gets his work done and is always sure to let us know about it.  :)

I wish Dana a great retirement and know he will be happy following his own schedule on his time frame. We will miss his many stories and opinions during our breaks…..
--Russell Jenkins, HS Maintenance


Tammy Montz
Tammy Montz

Tammy Montz, Sherrard Elementary First Grade Teacher
- Comments by Sherrard Elementary Principal Casey Wyant and Colleague First Grade Teacher Alissa Kunert

Succinct, thoughtful, and focused, to me, encapsulate the personality and strengths Mrs. Montz has brought to Sherrard Elementary over the years.

Upon entering her classroom, you always know exactly what to expect. :)

  • Students focused on their work, guided by knowledgeable actions and words.
  • A firm voice and a keen eye, used with purpose and effect to ensure expectations are understood and each day maintains consistency.
  • An organized, well-oiled machine running from the moment the first bell rings.

In short, a classroom filled with motivated and driven students who are goal-oriented.

Undoubtedly, the impact and presence of Mrs. Montz will continue to be felt for many years to come. She has positively touched the lives of many students, been a trusted colleague for many staff members, and held a position of respect in our school and community for quite some time. 

We thank you for your service and wish you a very satisfying and well-deserved retirement!
--Sherrard Elementary Principal Casey Wyant

Tammy Montz has positively impacted many students throughout her 27 year career at Sherrard School District. I have had the privilege of working side by side with her for 15 years. She is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to teaching our youth and has been a tremendous asset to our school. She was an excellent role model and mentor to me, as well as to others. I will miss our daily chats and all the laughter that we shared. Mrs. Montz has been an amazing teacher, but she was also a great colleague and friend. She will be greatly missed!
--1st Grade Teacher Alissa Kunert