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Crochet Club at Sherrard High School

The drop-in club “Crochet with a counselor” has seen up to 20 students stop by for a lesson in how to crochet.

Sophomore Kenzie Jones has helped teach several students, teachers and staff the art. She said the club began when school counselor Stacey Blackwell and Julie Drish, Academic Coordinator & AP Coordinator noticed her crochet materials with her during study hall one day.

“I told Mrs. Blackwell how there’s a group of my friends that crochet… and she said, ‘let’s start something!’” The first time the group met, it was in the commons, and several students stopped for a quick lesson.

“A lot of them were my friends, I knew they were showing up, but then when two of the basketball boys came over… I was like, ‘boys actually wanna know how to do this?’ Then the whole basketball team all started showing up and crocheting and getting into it,” said Jones.

She said they couldn’t stay because they had to go to basketball practice.

“It caught me by surprise. They wanted to crochet and they were having fun with it. It was pretty cool.”

The club meets Tuesdays and Thursdays, students, teachers and staff come and go as they please to work on a creation or just work on their crochet skills in general.

Student and friend of Jones, Abbie Anderson said, “I like the people in it. And these people… They make me very happy. I like coming here after school and hanging out - and just kinda vibe.”

Blackwell said, “I think Crochet Club has been super successful. These girls are doing such a  good job, and also recruiting more people to come. It’s just a great opportunity to get together after school and learn how to crochet and really build better relationships with each other.”

Jones said people would be surprised to know that TikTok videos show young teens making clothing via crochet, “When people think of crocheting, a lot people associate it with older people, but it’s not really. A lot of people crochet… more than you would think.”




Cala Smoldt, Communications Coordinator