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Sara Wyant memorial blood drive

Wyant Family
The Wyant family attends the memorial blood drive each year and talks
to those who give blood about organ donation.
It’s the 19 year anniversary of the tragic accident that resulted in the death of 16 year old Sherrard sophomore Sara Wyant. The annual Red Cross Memorial Blood Drive resumed at the high school in her honor last Friday - after a two year hiatus during the pandemic. 
Her mother Tracy, and several family members were present to talk about organ donation.
“It keeps her memory alive,” said Tracy. Her message is simple - and hasn’t changed in 19 years… “Make an informed decision about organ donation - and tell someone.”
The Wyant family had a table set up with information and buttons, as well as a photo of Sara - whose organ donations meant life for three recipients.
Sara Wyant
Sara Wyant was just 16 years old when she was in a fatal car
accident that resulted in her death.

“If she hadn’t said she was going to donate - randomly one day - and signed the back of her license… We never would have thought it was anything that would be important. When it was time and she was declared brain dead - they come and ask you, do you wanna be an organ donor - we knew. What 16 year old thinks about that stuff? It’s why I tell kids, go home and talk to your family… Had she not talked to us - I don’t know we would have."
My message and her legacy is to share that with your family,” said Tracy. She speaks to senior English classes each year about Sara and organ donation.
Casey Wyant
Sara's brother, Casey Wyant, is now the Sherrard Elementary
Red Cross Club sponsor and JH PE teacher, Karlie Drish said, “We had a large number of students and staff give blood as well as many members from the community reaching our goal of 50 units donated. With this being my first year in charge of the club, I could not have asked for a better group to work with…. All of the students in the red cross club were more than willing to help and many of them donated themselves.”
Students involved in the Red Cross Club worked in shifts to help set up, retrieve students for their appointments, register those donating among others tasks, and tear down at the end of the event.
Students who helped during the blood drive:
Violet Meskan (10), Ryan Butz (9), Madison Crandall (10), Quinn Deloose (10), Laney Baugh (11), Savannah Wick (10), Emilee Palmer (10), Makenna Cameron (11), Jasleen Kaur (12), Olivia Cushman (10), Sandra Avila (12), Katelyn Barnhouse (12), Celia Buckwalter (11), Autumn Kongkousonh (11), Abigail Anderson (12), Addison Szymborski (12), Ava Egel (9), Ayva Kovacic (11), Hanna Rinehart (12), Kinley Anderson (11), Lauryn VanWinkle (11), Gina Steckel (12).
“They did an amazing job,” said Drish.
Illinois residents can register to be an organ donor at, in Iowa go to

To read an extended story about Sara Wyant and the decision to donate her organs, go to:



Cala Smoldt, Communications Coordinator