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Student-lead Hunger Drive brings in equivalent of 10,000 meals

After 3mo. of collecting donations for the 2022 Student Hunger Drive, Sherrard donated, in total 5,600# of food for the 2022 Student Hunger Drive.
With monetary and canned donations combined, the Sherrard community donated 10,000 meals to families in need - through the Sherrard NHS
Sherrard NHS President Lauren Copeland said, "It was truly amazing to see how giving and generous our community was. We were astonished at the number of students and community members who willingly donated cash out of their own wallets to help us reach our goal and at the people who were already prepared with boxes of food when we got to their door for our trick-or-treating event.
And we were so grateful to the elementary schools who stepped up to help us collect food, as well.
Not only is this hunger drive benefiting people all around our area, but it also directly impacts our community. The River Bend Food Bank supplies the Tiger Closet at the high school with food and products that allow us to help those in need in our community. So, these donations and hard work will go right back to our community!
Even though our National Honor Society organized this hunger drive, everyone in our district helped to make it a success!"
Copeland was even interviewed by WQAD.
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Cala Smoldt, Communications Coordinator