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November Tiger Talent Award; Karen Millichamp

Karen Millichamp, Library Aide at Sherrard Elementary, was honored with the “Tiger Talent Dedication” award during the school board meeting Nov. 16.
Superintendent Dr. Carl Johnson implemented the award for “...those who model, build and encourage positive character qualities - speaking into students’ lives by word and deed that will resonate for years to come and help guide them to become the leaders and contributing community members of tomorrow.”
“We all remember that one person who said or did something that stuck with us - they made us feel important, they noticed our strengths, and it's something we revisit in times of struggle... Those deserve to be acknowledged for their dedication,” said Dr. Johnson.
Golden Apple
She received a golden metal apple with “Tiger Talent” inscribed to commemorate her hard work.
Sherrard Elementary Principal Casey Wyant wrote the following about Milichamp:

Creative.  Compassionate.  Authentic.

Karen Millichamp exemplifies what it means to be a Tiger each and every day. For over 20 years, Mrs. Millichamp has walked the halls of Sherrard Elementary connecting with students, staff, and community members. She has worn and continues to wear many different hats as Director of the Y-Care Program, classroom paraeducator, cafeteria clerk, and supervisor.
This year, Karen entered a new chapter of her life as school Librarian and, as expected, has embraced and committed herself to the new role with the same passion and positive energy for which she is known.
Day in and day out, Mrs. Karen (as she is often lovingly referred to) can be found either working with students or toiling away on her next creative venture. She has transformed the school time and again with decorations and artwork ranging from a 20+ ft. tall Claus Family in the gym to the entire office decked out as a gingerbread house. You never know what you may find walking into the school on a certain day. There could be painted leprechaun tracks creeping down the hall on St. Patrick’s or bugs and creepy crawlers hiding in the lights on April Fools’. Either way, she somehow always finds a way to make the ‘normal’ or ‘everyday’ feel a little more special.
Karen MillichampThe daughter of a former, and highly-respected, Sherrard Elementary teacher, Karen has demonstrated an unconditional love for the students, staff, and families in our district. She has worked tirelessly to establish strong, lasting relationships now spanning generations, grown our Y-Care Program to be a well-known resource for the surrounding communities, and continues to positively influence the lives of each and every student she touches on a daily basis.
Mrs. Millichamp is one-of-a-kind and our district and school are extremely fortunate to call her a part of our Tiger Family. We look forward to many more years shared with our beloved Mrs. Karen. She has certainly earned her stripes and is more than deserving of all the praise and recognition that comes with the Tiger Talent Award.
Thank you, Mrs. Karen, for all that you do and all that you will.
Cala Smoldt, Communications Coordinator