WRMJ Public Service Announcement

Posted by Alan Boucher on 4/7/2020

Recently, local radio station WRMJ invited me to give an encouraging public service announcement about the COVID-19 crisis. They allowed me the freedom to create the message. I decided to make the speech about resiliency. Here is what I said.

We are in the midst of a menacing challenge as the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps our nation and the world. Naturally there is anxiety, stress, and uncertainty. Spending a lot of time in our homes can bring about boredom and restlessness.

But let’s remember that we are tougher than the challenge. Americans and more specifically Midwesterners are known for their respect of hard work and an honest living, their common sense and their appreciation for the simple things in life like family and friends. They persevere through problems with a humble confidence. 

In a 1940 speech, Britain’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill offered up his blood, toil, tears and sweat to fight against the seemingly invincible enemy. Here in rural Illinois, we can offer up tenacity, stamina, composure and optimism.

There are realistic concerns we all have about our health. Things are difficult and it could get worse, but it will get better. The dust always settles. We have to be strong. We can get through this together and let the greatness of the midwestern character shine forth.