Deena Beck - Teacher Feature September 2020

Deena Beck

Deena Beck is a 7th grade science teacher at Sherrard Junior High where she's taught for 11 years. She earned her Masters in Education from WIU.

Asked why she chose Sherrard, "I was placed at Sherrard Grade School for my student teaching and just stayed!" She said.
Her family includes her husband Rob of 31 years, 3 children, Derek, Paige, Spencer and one "adorable grandson." They have 3 dogs (2 great pyrenees and a lab), 3 horses, Elvis the donkey, 9 cats and hundreds of chickens.
Beck's hometown is Orion - "Where I was the school mascot for 3 years, costume and all!" She said.
Mrs. Beck's favorite's include:
Animal:  Horses and dogs
Color:  green
Food:  prime rib and  mushrooms!
Book: Gone With The Wind
Movie: the Harry Potter movies
Vacation Spot: Anyplace with my husband and family since our schedules do not allow for much travel time together

When she's not teaching she's doing chores, "There is always something to do on the farm." For fun she enjoys horseback riding and reading - she's even ridden her horse up the mountain to Mount Rushmore. 

Her favorite part of teaching is getting to know the kids one on one.  

Beck's best advice for life is,  "Be a good person."