• General Information

    Matherville Intermediate houses all 5th & 6th grade students for the Sherrard Community Unit School District. Currently, the school has an average enrollment of 225 students with 5 sections for each grade level. Regular 5th grade education classrooms are self-contained with an average of 23-25 students per classroom. Students are provided with a curriculum that includes language arts, mathematics, science, and social sciences. The 6th grade students travel to different classrooms for each subject area. Physical Education and music classes are offered every other day. Band is provided for the 6th grade students. Matherville Intermediate has special education services available for all students who qualify. Students in the regular education program are provided with support from our Reading Specialist. One on one reading, along with small group reading is used with students that have been identified as needing extra help.


    School Hours:  8:40AM to 3:30PM

    Attendance: Please phone (309) 754-8244 or email Mrs. Hessman, the school secretary when your student is ill or when your student will need to leave/arrive late because of an appointment.