• Career Day, March 29, 2019

    Students were able to choose several speakers from a variety of careers. Seperate classrooms were set up throughout the school and presenters were given 15 min. each session to tell about their jobs to six groups of kids. Thank you to all of the Career Day Presenters. 

  • Carrie Braet, Physician's Assistant
    Melissa Birdsell, Chiropractor
    Leighton James, Territory Customer Support Manager
    Jon Ricketts, Product Development Engineer
    Trista Foster, Attorney
    Tagen Tipton, Product Management, Website Designer
    Pat Braet, Mechanical Engineer (Elevators)
    Jenny Sierens, Nail Technician
    Bill Michaels, Radio DJ
    Pat Lindell, Mechanic
    Matt DeBlock, Farmer
    Julie Acker, Military
    Dusty Terrill, Mercer County Sheriff
    Mike Applegate, Teacher/Coach/Athletic Director
    Travis Geisler, Plumber
    Dave Zigler, HVAC
    Cala Smoldt, Journalism
    Andrew Stutzke, Meteorologist
    David Hipkins, Chef
    Sharon Esslinger, Realtor
    Dave Flickinger, Fireman