• Tiger Closet - Donations

    We have had great success with the Tiger Closet in helping students and families in need.  We are grateful for the community support and generous donations.  We are also proud of our students and STEP program for all of their hard work and organization of the closet.

    Amazon Wish List

    We have kept our Amazon Wish List up to date, but we know many are not Amazon shoppers and would still like to contribute. Here is a list of our “greatest needs.” As always, we appreciate everyone’s support, this labor of love wouldn’t be possible without the community support we receive.

    - Laundry detergent
    - Laundry stain remover
    - Dryer sheets
    - Dish soap
    - Tampons
    - Hair ties
    - Face wash
    - Face moisturizer
    - Deodorant
    - Hair dryers
    - Toilet paper

    If you have any questions, you can contact: Vanessa Schulenberg at schulenbergv@sherrard.us or Erin DeKeyrel at dekeyrele@sherrard.us.