• Transportation

    Busing plays an important role in the Sherrard School District. The district boundaries cover an area of 180 square miles. Because of the large area and decentralized location of the schools, a majority of the students ride a bus to and from school each day. Parents should call the following phone numbers when notifying the district about a last minute bus change.

    First, call the Transportation Supervisor: (309) 593-4354

    Second, call the Transportation Secretary: (309) 754-8244

    Facts about the transportation department: 

    • The district school buses travel more than 400,000 miles each year.
    • The transportation department has an annual budget of one million dollars.
    • The buses average a little over seven miles per gallon.
    • All of the district's buses run on diesel fuel.
    • The district buses use over 6,000 gallons of fuel each month.
    • Generally, the district purchases two new buses each year.
    • The bus routes are completely computerized using software from Transfinder. 

    Issues related to bus discipline should be resolved with the building principal.

    Issues related to the way the buses are driven should be resolved with the transportation supervisor.

    The Sherrard School District is almost always in need of substitute bus drivers.  Being a substitute driver allows for schedule flexibility and an extra source of income.  Persons interested in discussing the possibility of being a substitute driver should call the transportation supervisor.

  • Jeff Shillinger
    Transportation Supervisor
    Phone: (309) 593-4354

    Tracey Anderson
    Transportation Secretary
    Phone: (309) 754-8244

    Joe Walker
    Head Mechanic
    Phone: (309) 593-2112

    Shawn Kovacic
    Assistant Mechanic