Happy New Year!

Posted by Alan Boucher on 1/6/2020

What a decade!  A lot has happened since 2010.  Self-driving cars, Netflix streaming, social media and virtual reality have risen to mainstream while new inventions like the little chip on credit/debit cards, hoverboards, Instagram and smart watches have created new habits for people.  Investors saw S&P returns of a mind-boggling 250 percent this past decade. The New York Times reports that world poverty has fallen by more than half since 2008 and malaria incidence is down nearly 60 percent in Africa.

During the next decade, multi-use rockets, gene editing, robot agility and drone delivery services will integrate themselves into our world.  I am sure several life-changing inventions we don’t currently anticipate or conceptualize will become commonplace by 2030. 

All of this can be exciting and a bit overwhelming.  How do we prepare for it? I believe we must expose our students to new technologies, teach them problem-solving skills, teach them how to collaborate with others and teach them to cope with and adapt to change.  Sherrard School District has always been known for innovation and embracing new technologies and that tradition will continue.

Traditional core values need to guide us when dealing with change.  These values include compassion, integrity, friendship, patience, balance, courage, gratitude, forgiveness and love.  A lot of life’s meaning and purpose is lost without values. Weaving our values into new technologies will ensure our technologies will provide more help than harm.