Teacher Appreciation

Posted by Alan Boucher on 5/5/2020

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

All the employees of Sherrard School District are educators and each one of them deserves our appreciation.  This annual recognition looks a little different this year.  It will be quieter and there will be less food, but the level of gratitude from the stakeholders is higher than ever.

Over the past couple months, everyone has had to rearrange the way they do education.  They had to learn new technology skills, do things out of their comfort zone and continue to work with little insight into where things were going.  Through it all, our educators persevere and remain focused.  They plan, teach, communicate and lead.  They clean, prepare meals, deliver materials, complete important paperwork, and repair things.  All of this has been done while social distancing and taking care of the needs and challenges of their own families.

Thank you, Educators!  Your work is noticed and it is worthy of honor and celebration!