Welcome to the Sherrard SD Communications Department

  • News/Media: Email elliottc@sherrard.us for news/feature-related inquiries. 

    We promote the achievements of our students and staff throughout the district. We also plan and direct the communication of information to keep our stakeholders informed of district programs, advancements, topical news, and events using every reasonable avenue of communication.

    We accomplish this through public relations, marketing and branding with a focus on building relationships and connecting with our local community. As such, we serve as liaison to our local news/media outlets.

    Our students, educators and supporting staff are made up of people from the community. Intrinsically, our goal is to tell our district's story to directly engage the community - and create a shared atmosphere of goodwill that will enhance both our students’ education and their community experience as they grow up in the Sherrard School District. 

    This is accomplished through:

    • School District engagement on social media.
    • Promptly addressing media questions and requests for information.
    • Promoting positivity through publicity efforts such as news releases, video presentations, exhibits, tours, E-Flyers, etc.
    • Coordinating and maintaining the continued development of the District website.
    • Representing the school district during community projects and at public, social, and business gatherings.
    • Coordinating printing, binding, and other production for districtwide printed materials.
    • Looking for opportunities for cooperative engagement with local businesses and community-based endeavours.
  • Cala Elliott
    Cala Elliott
    Director of Public Relations & Communication

    Brenin Krack
    Brenin Krack
    Audio Visual Communications Tech