• Annual Update - Registration

    The registration must be completed in a parent/guardian portal account. Do not try to register using your student's portal account because you will not be able to view all the household information. If you do not have a computer or internet access, you are invited to use a computer at one of the schools. Please phone one of the offices to make an appointment. School staff will be observing summer hours after the last student attendance day.

    If you are a current Sherrard parent and do not have a Parent Portal account or have forgotten your username or password, please call Jennifer Thurman (309) 593-2175 at the high school or email Janette Finch

    New preschool students who have been approved to attend the district preschool program or are speech only students for the 2024-2025 school year and have siblings who are being registered for K-12th grade:

    • May already be listed on the Other Household tab in the registration application. Check the box next to the words "Please check this box if you wish to register this student for the upcoming school year." indicating you are registering the preschool student.
    • Or, the preschooler can be added as a new student in the Student tab of the existing application.


    If you moved during the 2023-2024 school year and have not updated SCUSD with your new address, you must provide documentation to establish proof of residency. The name and address on the documents provided must match the name and address of the parent or legal guardian of the student(s) being registered.

    When registering your student(s), you will be asked to supply information on how your student will be arriving to and from school. If there are special circumstances needed for transportation, please phone  (309) 754-8244 and leave a message so that Transportation Secretary, Tracey Anderson can contact you before school begins.

    ALL preschool students who are approved to attend the district preschool program will need to fill out the Early Childhood Data Collection Form.

    ALL fees need to be paid before the first day of school, August 5,2024.  Fees can be paid online if you have a parent portal account. If you prefer to pay school fees in cash and/or check, please include one of these receipts and mail to or drop off at either the district office or one of the school offices when they are open. A separate receipt is needed for each student.

    Registration for the 2024-2025 school year is not considered complete until your online application is approved, and the fees have been paid. Classroom assignments for elementary students will be sent to parents/guardians who have completed the online application in early August. Schedules will be sent to Jr & Sr High school parents/guardians who have completed the online application.